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North-South Discovery

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Discover Morocco’s beauty on this cultural trip, from Chefchaouen’s blue alleys to Fes’ ancient medina. Explore Meknes’ gates and more. Visit Merzouga’s sand dunes, explore Ouarzazate’s forts, see Todra Gorges, shop in Marrakech, and relax in Essaouira’s peaceful setting. A snapshot of Morocco’s rich tapestry in one trip.

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    In Morocco, choose lightweight and modest attire for comfort and cultural respect. Women should consider clothing that covers shoulders and knees, while men can opt for long trousers and shirts. Pack versatile pieces for Morocco's varied landscapes, including sturdy walking shoes. Dressing modestly helps you blend in and respect local traditions.
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Arrive in Tangier
  • Welcome to Tangier, a vibrant city in northern Morocco where diverse cultures blend to create a unique atmosphere. The city has a rich history, influenced by Arab, Berber, Spanish, and French civilizations.
  • One popular place to visit in Tangier is the historic Medina. The old town has narrow streets, busy markets, and traditional Moroccan buildings. You can explore the maze-like streets, buy local crafts, and experience the daily life of Tangier. You can explore the maze-like streets, buy local crafts, and experience the daily life of Tangier.
  • One of the main attractions in Tangier is the large Portuguese Fortress. It is very old and provides great views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. You can visit the fortress to discover its interesting history as a key military base in the past.
  • Relax at Zoco Chico Square after exploring all day and enjoy delicious Moroccan cuisine. Experience the lively atmosphere while trying traditional dishes.
  • As the day draws to an end, head towards the Corniche for a picturesque evening walk by the waterside. Observe as the sun descends beneath the skyline, spreading a golden radiance over the ocean and the cityscape. Absorb the stunning scenery and relish the tranquil moment before returning to your lodging.
Tangier to Chefchaouen
  • Explore Tangier's Kasbah and Medina to experience its history, culture, architecture, and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Explore Dar Baroud neighborhood for hidden gems and visit the famous Caves of Hercules for stunning views.
  • Visit Chefchaouen, the City of Blue-Hued Buildings, for picturesque streets, vibrant markets, and delicious local cuisine.
  • Continue your exploration of Chefchaouen by visiting the Kasbah and its surroundings. Climb to the top of Hotel Atlas or the Spanish Mosque to enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains. Take in the beauty of the landscape and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of this charming town.
Chefchaouen to Fes
  • Start your day with a peaceful morning walk in Chefchaouen to admire the beautiful blue buildings and unique architecture.
  • Visit Fes from Chefchaouen and optionally explore the UNESCO-protected Volubilis Roman ruins on the way.
  • Keep going to Meknes, a city with a lot of history and beautiful buildings. Explore the lively markets, fancy palaces, and old gates. Enjoy the vibe of this former capital of Morocco.
  • Visit the Merenid Tombs in Fes for stunning views of the city and its surroundings. Marvel at the stunning vistas from this hilltop vantage point, and capture the beauty of Fes from a different perspective.
  • After a day of exploration, retreat to a traditional riad for a relaxing evening. Unwind in the peaceful courtyard, savor a delicious Moroccan meal, and enjoy the warm kindness of your hosts. Let the sounds of the city fade away as you relax and recharge for the next day's adventures in this enchanting corner of Morocco.
Exploring Fes
  • Today's tour of Fez shows Moroccan heritage in the narrow streets of the world's biggest medieval Islamic city. Discover the ancient Fez Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, brimming with history at every turn. The tour shows the Royal Palace's blue gates and colorful tanneries, highlighting the city's crafts like leatherwork and ceramics.
  • Experience the peaceful atmosphere at Al Quaraouiyine Mosque and admire the stunning architecture of Bou Inania Madrasa. Experience local flavors in bustling markets, savoring traditional Moroccan cuisine.
Journey to Merzouga
  • You will start your journey from Fez and drive through Morocco's diverse landscapes, heading towards the golden sands of Merzouga. Here, you'll switch to camelback, riding into the Erg Chebbi dunes to reach your desert camp. Stay in Bedouin tents in the desert, listen to music, eat Moroccan food, and enjoy the night sky full of stars. This trip from Fez to Merzouga offers a deep dive into the heart of Moroccan culture and the natural beauty of its desert.
Merzouga to Todra valley
  • Witness the stunning beauty of a Sahara Desert sunrise, as the sky transforms with vibrant colors over endless sands. Feel the desert's tranquility and the sun's warmth. For thrill-seekers, sandboarding in Erg Chebbi offers an exhilarating experience down its vast dunes. Alternatively, a camelback tour provides a deep dive into the desert's culture and history.
  • In Khemliya, enjoy the traditional music and dance of the Saharan people, where lively performances showcase generations-old dances. Leaving Merzouga, visit Rissani Market to explore its vibrant stalls and taste local foods. Then, marvel at the contrasting landscapes of Tinghir's mountains and valleys.
  • Your adventure continues at Todra Gorge, with its impressive cliffs and a refreshing river walk. For a panoramic view, hike to the cliff tops and capture the breathtaking scenery. This journey blends adrenaline, culture, and natural wonders, offering a complete desert experience.
Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs
  • Explore the heart of Boumalne Dades and Kelâat M'Gouna, known for their beautiful rose cultivation. Then, head to Ouarzazate, where famous movie studios and film sets await.
  • Explore the Kasbah Aït Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering a glimpse into history. Wander through ancient Ksour and climb up to a granary for breathtaking panoramic views.
  • End your day with a peaceful dinner overlooking the stunning Ounila Valley and the old kasbah.
High Atlas Adventure
  • Leave Aït Benhaddou and head up the High Atlas Mountains via the Tizi n'Tichka Pass. Take a break to enjoy the panoramic views and see Mount Toubkal, the tallest peak. Stop by an Argan oil cooperative in Taddert to learn about this unique product. As you come down through the varied landscapes of the High Atlas, you'll reach the vibrant city of Marrakesh and check into your hotel.
  • Spend your afternoon relaxing or exploring at your own pace. In the evening, dive into the excitement of Jemaa el-Fna Square with its lively performances and tasty local food.
Marrakech Guided Tour
  • Explore Marrakesh and its colorful culture and history. Walk through the Medina to find hidden treasures. See the famous Koutoubia Mosque and its beautiful gardens.
  • Get lost in busy markets, see where cloth is dyed, and visit old inns. Check out amazing places like Ben Youssef Madrasa and the Saadian Tombs. Look around grand palaces, peaceful gardens, and interesting museums.
  • Dive into the rich mix of cultures that make Marrakesh special. This journey is all about discovering the heart and soul of this vibrant city.
Marrakech to Essaouira
  • Leave the busy city of Marrakesh and head west to Essaouira. On the way, you'll see beautiful scenery and forests of argan trees. Learn how argan oil is made during your trip.
  • When you get to Essaouira, a calm port city, you can walk around its old walls and the UNESCO-protected old town. Take it easy on the breezy beach.
  • If you want, you can visit Diabat, a place linked to Jimi Hendrix.
  • End your day with a delicious seafood dinner in Essaouira.
Depart Marrakech
  • Go back to Marrakesh for one last shopping trip or to see the peaceful Majorelle Gardens. It's a quiet spot away from the busy city.
  • As your journey ends, keep all those special memories as you say goodbye to Morocco. Now's your chance to take a piece of Morocco home with you.
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Tours Reviews
  • Yusuf B.
    Excellent Service by a Responsive Team

    Our trip to Morocco was well-planned by Original Travels. The communication with Ali during the planning stage was excellent and the trip was modified according to our needs. The chosen accommodations in each city were unique and amazing. The assigned driver Lahcen was friendly, and courteous and provided excellent service during our entire trip. While in Morocco our trip was coordinated by Said who promptly responded to our travel questions. I highly recommend Ali and his team.

  • Jacqueline S.
    Summer Trip in Morocco 2023

    We had a great time in Morocco. The trip was thoroughly planned and we always had something to do, in addition to well-informed guides who helped us find our way around. We are confident we would not have gotten to have such a well-organized experience if we had planned it ourselves. Rida was also a great driver who we had an amazing time getting to know in the long car rides. He was very communicative and helped us find all the hidden gems we wouldn’t have known about. We highly recommend Reda and Original Travels.

  • Aimee A.
    An experience of a lifetime

    Original Travels and their amazing staff made our trip to Morocco one I will never forget. Mohamed planned the most amazing trip for us. Saiid provided the best support and service to us. And Ilyace, our incredible driver and guide, treated us like family. He was such a great driver and was incredibly kind and patient with my kids. The itinerary was a dream. We loved exploring the beauty of Morocco and were blown away by its development and its luxurious hotels.

  • Ann B.
    So many wonderful experiences

    Karim was our driver/guide throughout our tour with Original Travels and took great care of us. His English and local knowledge are excellent and he’s always bright and cheery – always in a good mood and flexible, catering to our interests and needs. It was interesting to learn about his childhood growing up in the High Atlas Mountains with his nomadic family. Our local guides were friendly and informative with great English. We had a lot of laughs with Youssef in Chechouen and enjoyed Hanane’s gentle guidance in the very hectic Marrakech.

  • Meera S
    Fantastic Trip!

    We had a wonderful trip to Morocco despite the late planning /organizing- The local specialists, Ali and Said were extremely helpful and assisted us in tailoring our trip to fit all our needs. Upon arrival at Casablanca, we were received by the local driver, Ayoob who was outstanding. He was attentive, super helpful, and knowledgeable. He made the long-distance driving trip very enjoyable and relaxing. Overall we had a memorable trip and would highly recommend this team to our friends and family.


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