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Salam, Hi there! Abdel at your service, the head honcho over at Original Travels. But don’t let that fool you—I’m here to be your personal guide to everything Morocco has to offer. We’re passionate about showing you the real Morocco, with all its hidden gems and stunning landscapes, in a way that’s warm, welcoming, and oh-so-memorable. Think of us as your Moroccan family, ready to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Shall we start planning?


Relax, you are in good hands

Meet your new friends in travel—Morocco’s favorite guides, dedicated to making your Moroccan adventure memorable and just the way you like it! 
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Our globe-trotting guru with a knack for finding the hidden gems in Morocco. He believes a good journey includes great laughter and even greater coffee!


Travel Designer

The mastermind of memorable itineraries, with a secret recipe for blending culture and adventure. She’s convinced that every trip should sparkle with a bit of magic and a lot of couscous!


Travel Advisor
Embrace Adventure: Unveiling Morocco’s Hidden Peaks with Original Travels

Our cheerful managing director, whose smile lights up any room. He skillfully navigates our team with a blend of humor and heart, ensuring every adventure begins and ends with a smile.


Managing Director
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Our team's comedic genius and culinary connoisseur. With a passion for crafting mouthwatering tagines and cracking jokes that leave everyone in stitches, he's the spice of our team, adding flavor and laughter to every adventure.


Travel Advisor
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The visionary founder and proud owner of our travel family. A great leader with a big heart and boundless spirit, cherishing his family and especially his son Yazan. Guiding our travel family with love, he infuses every journey with warmth and joy.


Founder & Owner
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Our hotel booking virtuoso, ensuring every stay is a perfect match. From securing accommodations to personally following up with travelers on the ground, he's the guardian angel of your getaway, making sure every detail is flawlessly executed.


Bookings Manager
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The youngest dynamo in our travel team, infusing youthful energy and fresh perspectives into every Travel project. Despite his age, he's a powerhouse as our product manager, driving innovation and excellence with boundless enthusiasm and creativity.


Product Manager

Our web designer and marketing manager, crafting captivating campaigns with digital finesse and strategic brilliance. With an eye for design and a passion for storytelling, he's the mastermind behind our brand success.


Web Designer