Unplug & Immerse: 10-Day Moroccan Journey

Disconnect to Reconnect: Explore Morocco's Essence in Serenity..

Unplug & Immerse: 10-Day Moroccan Journey

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Experience transformative immersion on our Morocco Unplugged trip. Disconnect and explore ancient traditions amidst breathtaking landscape

Experience the essence of Morocco with our Unplugged trip, where ancient traditions meet breathtaking landscapes. From Marrakech’s bustling markets to the serene Sahara Desert, immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural beauty of Morocco. Explore historic cities, wander through labyrinthine medinas, and camp under the stars in the desert. This adventure offers a unique blend of discovery, relaxation, and cultural immersion, promising an unforgettable experience off the beaten path.

  • Dress Code
    In Morocco, choose lightweight and modest attire for comfort and cultural respect. Women should consider clothing that covers shoulders and knees, while men can opt for long trousers and shirts. Pack versatile pieces for Morocco's varied landscapes, including sturdy walking shoes. Dressing modestly helps you blend in and respect local traditions.
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    Airport Transfers
    English Speaking Driver-Guide
    Personal Guide
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    Entrance Fees
    Personal Expenses
    Travel Insurance
Digital Unplugging in Marrakech
Upon arriving in Marrakech, guests begin their digital detox journey. The primary focus is on disconnecting from the digital world, with mobile devices securely stored in personal lockboxes. This enables everyone to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The day unfolds in the serene ambiance of a traditional riad, encouraging guests to engage with their surroundings and each other, liberated from the distractions of calls, emails, or texts.
Mindful Exploration of Marrakech
On day two, immerse in Marrakech's history and culture without digital distractions. Explore the Medina, connecting deeply with the city's heritage, engaging with local artisans and storytellers in bustling souks. An evening cooking class becomes a lesson in mindfulness, savoring flavors fully. Afternoon features a Moroccan cooking workshop, connecting with local cuisine. The day concludes with a visit to a luxurious hammam, offering traditional spa treatments for relaxation and mindfulness.
Serene Journey to Dades Valley
As the group travels to Dades Valley, the absence of mobile devices encourages guests to soak in the stunning landscapes through the window, engage in meaningful conversations, and enjoy moments of introspection. The road trip becomes a journey within, as guests are encouraged to journal or meditate, embracing the peaceful environment.
Connected to Culture & Nature in Dades Valley
In Dades Valley, guests experience a day of deep digital disconnection, immersing in nature and local culture. Hiking through the Valley of Roses, they absorb the landscape's beauty without screens. Meaningful interactions with Berber communities include entering traditional homes and sharing meals. Evening storytelling sessions under the starlit sky foster genuine connections, creating a sense of community amidst the captivating Dades Valley, free from digital distractions.
Embracing the Sahara's Simplicity
The simplicity of the Sahara Desert serves as a powerful backdrop for digital detox. The camel trek and overnight stay in a desert camp provide moments for reflection and connection, free from the constant buzzing of notifications. The vastness of the desert landscape fosters a sense of peace and presence, enhanced by the absence of digital distractions.
Silent Sands: Merzouga's Unplugged Serenity
In Merzouga, the day starts with a mesmerizing Saharan sunrise, setting a tranquil tone for a mindfulness session in the heart of the desert. A guided walk across undulating dunes deepens the connection with the desert's natural rhythm. The adventure continues with a timeless sunset camel ride and exhilarating sandboarding. A cultural visit to Gnaoua musicians adds vibrancy, while a visit to nomadic tents provides insights into a simpler way of life. As night falls, communal bonding occurs under the starlit sky, allowing guests to live fully in the moment, free from digital distractions, and connected to the rhythm of the desert and newfound friendships.
Enchanting Nature Trail to Fes
En route to Fes, guests immerse in a digital detox, connecting with serene landscapes in Ifrane and Midelt, and enjoying the playful Monkey Forest. Ifrane's alpine charm provides a peaceful interlude, and Midelt's mountainous backdrop inspires awe. The Monkey Forest visit offers a delightful highlight, observing Barbary macaques in their natural habitat for a joyful, device-free experience. This journey deepens appreciation for surroundings, fostering insightful conversations and a more profound digital detox experience.
Fes's Timeless Wonders: Immersive Cultural Exploration
In Fes, guests explore the rich history and culture without mobile distractions. The UNESCO World Heritage Medina tour includes architectural marvels like the Bou Inania Madrasa and Al-Qarawiyyin University. The absence of phones encourages deeper engagement with historical treasures such as the Attarine Madrasa and Bab Boujloud. A hands-on ceramic workshop connects guests with Fes's artisanal heritage. The day concludes with a visit to a traditional hammam, providing a soothing end to a day of cultural immersion and historical exploration.
Tranquil Transition: From Fes to Chefchaouen
This day represents heightened awareness without digital devices. Starting at Volubilis, guests explore Roman ruins, fostering a connection with the archaeological wonder. In Meknes, an imperial city, guests embrace the present moment, immersing themselves in history and architectural beauty. Traveling through the Moroccan countryside provides tranquility and scenic beauty, preparing for the unique ambiance of Chefchaouen. Arriving in the blue-hued town, known for its serene atmosphere, guests continue their digital detox journey, fully immersing themselves in the charm and quietude of this enchanting destination.
Serenity on the Road to Tangier: A Farewell Journey
The journey's final stretch, from tranquil Chefchaouen to bustling Tangier, concludes a transformative digital detox adventure. Reflecting on diverse Moroccan landscapes without digital distractions, guests forge deeper connections with fellow travelers. In Tangier, a city merging Mediterranean and Atlantic influences, the final day gently reintegrates guests into the connected world. Exploring cultural landmarks, enjoying coastal views, and reflecting on the digital detox journey, guests depart with memories and souvenirs, fostering a newfound appreciation for the present moment and the world around them.
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Tours Reviews
  • Alex1798
    Great Adventure!

    My wife and I booked a 9-day trip through Morocco with Abdel at Original Travels. He was responsive and customized a great trip according to our preferences. When we arrived in Casablanca, Karim was waiting for us at the airport and was an excellent driver and guide throughout our stay in the country. He is friendly, welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable. We had a fantastic trip and highly recommend Original Travels. We would also encourage you to request Karim because he is an exceptional ambassador for Morocco.

  • Louis U
    Trip of a lifetime in Morocco

    A wonderful 12-day trip in Morocco planned by Original Travels. It was a trip of a lifetime. Our driver, Tarik took really good care of us, and our booking manager Said was always very responsive. I recommend using their agency so we can see the entire country from a local perspective.

  • Ralph
    Holiday with Friends

    I recommend traveling with Original Travels, a very interesting trip organized in a professional manner. very nice service. the whole group is satisfied. we highly recommend it.

  • Agnieszka p
    One of the best service I had!

    I spent a wonderful two weeks in Marocco- a beautiful and surprising country. Everything is organized professionally, smoothly, and perfectly! – just as I wanted. Karim, my guide-driver took care of every detail to make me feel good and hosted like a queen🌺, it is wonderful to just follow someone and not worry about the schedule, and feel safe, relaxed and cared for. If you want to spend your vacation with a smiling, positive, professional, and sincere guide – ask for Karim.

  • fapyrb
    Epic Adventure

    What an experience! Couldn’t have asked for a better journey – thanks in no small part to our magnificent driver, Tarik. We moved at our own pace (well, the pace of our kids!) and Tarik was so relaxed and accommodating … finding us good coffee, and recommending places to explore. Thank you Tarik and team!


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