Morocco Private Tours; A traveler gazing at the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Abdel’s Resilient Dream, from Tour Guide to Visionary!

Abdel’s Journey: From Guide to Founder

Abdel grew up in a tradition-rich village in the Atlas Mountains. After years as a tour guide across Morocco’s vibrant cities and stunning landscapes, he envisioned a new kind of travel agency. His idea was simple: create an agency that connects visitors deeply with Morocco’s culture. This vision led to the creation of Original Travels.

Empowering the Local Community

Original Travels is more than a travel agency; it’s a lifeline for the village’s youth. Abdel knows how hard it is to find good jobs. By hiring locals as guides and staff, he not only revives Berber culture but also boosts the local economy.

Sustainable Travel with Original Travels

Original Travels ensures trips benefit the local communities. Travelers do more than visit; they engage directly. They learn local crafts, dine with families, and help with community projects. This model turns them from mere tourists into active participants in cultural preservation.

Experience Authentic Morocco

Original Travels offers unique trips that showcase Morocco’s true spirit. Travelers can spend nights under Sahara stars, cook with local families, or relax in quiet mountain villages. These experiences help visitors connect deeply with Morocco.

Looking Ahead: Abdel’s Vision

Today, Original Travels stands as a symbol of genuine, sustainable tourism in Morocco. Abdel’s initial idea has grown into a leading example of responsible travel. Original Travels invites those who want more than sights—they offer deep experiences of Moroccan life.

Plan Your Moroccan Adventure

Consider planning your journey with Original Travels. Discover trips that dive deep into Morocco’s culture, landscapes, and traditions. Whether exploring markets, mountains, or deserts, each experience is crafted just for you.

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