A friendly camel in the Moroccan desert adorned with traditional colorful harness, representing unique custom trips in Morocco.

Crafting Your Morocco Custom Trips with Heart!

The magic of your Moroccan adventure starts long before you board the plane. It begins with a simple inquiry into Original Travels. We have a step-by-step guide for planning your trip to discover Morocco. Our focus is on creating a unique and memorable travel experience tailored to your preferences.

1. Initial Inquiry: Laying the Foundation

When you reach out to Original Travels, our team will assist you in planning your trip. They will do this by understanding your preferences and budget.

We strive to make every trip special by carefully listening to your needs and desires.ns, whether you want to experience culture, food, or relaxation. We want to make a special travel plan just for you, based on your preferences. Your adventure in Morocco begins when you show interest in exploring with us.

2. Personal Consultation: Understanding Your Vision

Next, we arrange a personal call between you and one of our travel specialists. This conversation is crucial; it’s where we delve into what you’re looking for in your Moroccan adventure. We discuss your travel style, must-visit destinations, and any particular experiences you’re dreaming of. This dialogue ensures we fully grasp your expectations and travel ethos.

3. Drafting Your Trip: The Blueprint of Your Trip

With a deep understanding of your travel desires, we begin designing your detailed trip plan. This custom Morocco trip combines your preferences with our expertise to create unique and authentic experiences in Morocco. We propose a mix of locations, activities, and cultural engagements, each selected to align with your interests.

4. Iterative Customization: Refining Your Journey

Upon receiving your feedback on our initial proposal, we enter an iterative customization process. Your insights and preferences guide us as we tweak and refine your Morocco trip.

This teamwork ensures that everything you do, where you stay, and what you choose feels personalized. Team members collaborate to tailor your travel experiences to your preferences. We carefully craft every aspect of your Morocco Travel experience to make you feel special and valued.

5. Booking and Confirmation: Securing Your Adventure

Once we’ve perfected your trip and you’re thrilled with the plan, we proceed to booking. Our trusted partner, WETRAVEL, securely facilitates online payments, giving you peace of mind. Upon completion, you’ll receive a booking confirmation, officially marking the countdown to your Moroccan escapade.

6. Trip Plan Execution: Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Our operations manager, Said, then takes the helm. Said carefully plans all the details of your trip, like booking hotels, assigning guides, arranging transportation, and scheduling activities. He carefully plans every element of your Morocco trip to ensure seamless orchestration.

7. Pre-Arrival Preparations: The Final Countdown

In the days leading up to your arrival, we gather and send you all final documentation. This packet has a schedule, driver and guide contacts, and tips to improve your trip. We aim to ensure you feel fully prepared and excited for your adventure.

8. Welcome to Morocco: Your Journey Unfolds

As you step off the plane, your Moroccan journey with Original Travels truly begins. With every detail in place, you’re free to immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and spirit of Morocco. Our team is here to help you during your trip to Morocco. We want to make sure you have a great time exploring the country.

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