A traveler gazing at the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Abdel’s Resilient Dream, from Tour Guide to Visionary!

In the heart of the Atlas Mountains, in a small village rich with tradition, Abdel found his true calling. After years of guiding visitors across Morocco’s stunning landscapes and lively cities, he had an idea. Why not start a travel agency that goes beyond usual tourism, to truly connect people with the magic of Morocco? That’s how Original Travels was born, showing Abdel’s deep love for his country and his desire to share its real beauty with everyone.

Original Travels: A New Beginning Abdel changed from being an experienced tour guide to starting Original Travels with a clear goal: travel should benefit both the traveler and the local people. He began this journey from his family home, wanting to show off Morocco’s beauty while supporting its communities.

Supporting the Community Original Travels did more than just organize trips; it became a crucial support for the village’s young people, offering them jobs and a chance to grow. Abdel knew the struggle of finding good opportunities and wanted to help. By hiring locals as guides and staff, he wasn’t just keeping the Berber culture alive but also boosting the village’s economy.

A Different Way to Travel Abdel’s strong roots influenced every trip Original Travels offered. The agency focused on sustainable travel, making sure the local communities benefited too. Travelers didn’t just visit; they got involved by learning local crafts, eating with families, and helping with community projects. This turned them from mere tourists into active contributors to a story of cultural preservation.

Genuine Experiences In a world looking for real experiences, Original Travels stood out. Abdel and his team created unique journeys that showed the true heart and soul of Morocco. From spending a night under the Sahara stars to cooking with a local family or enjoying a quiet moment in a mountain village, each trip was designed to deeply connect travelers with Morocco.

Abdel’s Dream for the Future Today, Original Travels is a symbol of genuine, sustainable tourism in Morocco. Its journey from a simple idea to a leading example of responsible travel shows Abdel’s dedication to his culture and country. For those looking to see more than just the sights, Original Travels offers a way to truly experience Morocco’s essence, led by a man who wanted to share his homeland’s richness with the world.

For a unique Moroccan adventure that respects both the beauty of the land and its people, consider planning your trip with Original Travels. Discover tailor-made trips that dive into the heart of Morocco’s culture, landscapes, and traditions. Whether it’s the bustling markets, serene mountains, or the vast desert, explore travel experiences in Morocco that are crafted just for you.

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